Empress Protea

About us

At aletheia.store we are passionate about the Protea family of plants. Not just for the opportunity to translate the primordial design canvas into innovative products of distinction, quality and beauty.  But also to make use of the opportunity to introduce the ‘Dionysian attitude of mind’ which forms part of our ethos, as counter culture to the everyday way of seeing nature and the world as object or as infinite resource.

Imagine a brand that is as interested in inspiring your thinking towards new frames and attitudes of mind as much as it is attempting to attract patrons to their products? We don’t see products and mind in separate containers. They are one and the same. 

David Bohm the late quantum physicist said that ‘thought creates the world and then denies it’.
Well there you have it- we are a quirky, thoughtful, creative, intellectual and ambitious bunch of people with a bold new brand which is going places!

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