IDP Protea wall


Ile de pain protea wall art installation

1 October  2020

On the 26 of September 2020 coincidentally my birthday, heralded the first public appearance of the ‘protea art wall’.  The installation is based on a small selection of work from the complete library and contains 36 images. The individual works are printed on German art paper with archival ink.  The high resolution images are observable from any position in the restaurant, whether you are sitting right under the installation or as you enter the restaurant. 

The high ceiling, red brick and white cement wall was the perfect canvas.

The post modern industrial architecture accentuated the relationship between the art installation and the building itself. 

The experience of the art work is striking. The bright bold colours set within a signature black vignette accelerate the impact of the art.  ‘Regardless of how how many times I have seen the artwork, and irrespective that its baed on my ideas, each time I visit the restaurant I am delighted to experience the abundance of the work itself. The stark beauty of each contrasting image which builds up into one whole square does not stop giving.


Sometimes an art work is kicked out by a building or vice versa. For many reasons the art work and the context act like a match made in heaven. The down-lighters were never moved and were as if synchronously already in place. The art work are installed in the raw, set on black framing cardboard mounts with a slight bevelled edge.  This enhances the experience with no intermediary glass.  I am truly grateful to Markus Farbinger for the privilege of placing my art in his sanctuary of artisanal bread and food!’
Andre’ vd Merwe