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1 December 2020

We were really not sure how our protea art wall products would commute into the world of limited edition outdoor cushion covers. 

The initial batch were printed on small 40×40 sized prints. The colours were slightly dull. 

Once we upped the image contrast to make up for the dulling effect of the print process and increased the sizes to a larger 60x60cm format,only then were we content with the final result. 

In everything we do at aletheia.store we are pristinely mindful of the many poor translation of protea photography to matts, mugs and coasters. The work often looks terrible and does not do justice to the plants themselves. 

We will only print a limited range of each design, making sure we don’t by intention land up with mass produced, fake and cheap looking products.

The first of our home products has in the end made quite a splash with an order now on route to Ireland. 

May the radiance and beauty of the primordial design canvas, that is the protea, shine as the plants do here on the dullest of days. They would surely not even be breaking out in a sweat in the greyest and gloomiest of winter days.