Journals and cards


Gift Packaging, journals and artisanal cards

15 November 2020

Our vision for the products began humbly but intentionally with the launch of our gift card packs and journals.  The idea was that just down the line once our range of body products arrived that the family of products would all sing from the same page. One grand protean design.  

Gift Cards and Card Gift Wallets:
The gift cards are based on 10 unique protea images, macro shots taken from the same angle. We had the same images printed as circular labels which would showcase the products inside the card gift bag. The gift cards range is based on what we call our more traditional protea range.

The cards are folded in such a way that long after the celebratory occasion the images will look still beautifully adorn any counter, or shelf. Those familiar with proteas realise there long life span, lasting for up to weeks in the vase. We hope for even longer appreciation of these primordial beauties which have outlived the dinosaurs!

Tissue Paper
The same designs found on the cards are on the tissue paper to make gifts look beautiful with wrapping that matches the card.

The journals are hand made in Pretoria, South Africa, making use of sustainable materials.  The 4 unique designs display professional art style photographic covers.  We printed 125 of each design.  As the products grow in popularity we expect to alternate the covers to include a much wider rage of our library of work. One of the journals has been designed to go hand in hand with the ile de pain launch of the protea wall. The journal cover includes a swatch of thumbnail sized images in high resolution.